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Associate of Occupational Studies Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technician

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The Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician program is recognized by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, St. Louis Chapter, and the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, and the school is qualified to provide the related instruction for their registered apprenticeship programs.

Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 8:30am – 1:00pm or 6:00 – 10:30pm.


This Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree program in HVAC is designed to prepare the graduates with the theory and working knowledge I HVAC/R installation, maintenance, and service to go into the field at an entry level position.


The program consists of 90 weeks, 90 Quarter Credit Hours of theory and associated lab instruction in the areas of HVAC/R, and 13.5 Quarter Credit Hours of Applied General Education totaling 103.5 Quarter Credit Hours


HV101 Electricity:

10 weeks – 11 Quarter Credit Hours
Electricity is found in every unit with which the HVAC/R servicer/installer will come in contact, and is a fundamental concept that must be understood thoroughly, even for entry-level positions. This term provides electrical theory and hands-on lab projects as applied in the HVAC/R industry. The focus is on safety, hand-tools, energy sources, meter use, circuits, Ohm’s law, magnetic theory, transformers, single and three-phase electricity, wiring diagrams and troubleshooting.

HV102 – Introduction to Refrigeration

10 weeks – 11 Quarter Credit Hours
The refrigeration cycle and its components, which are the backbone of all air conditioning and refrigeration systems, are taught during this term. The theory and hands-on lab projects of refrigeration as it applies in the HVAC/R industry will be covered thoroughly. Focus is on safety, hand-tools, recovery, flaring, swaging, brazing, theory of temperature, matter and energy, refrigeration cycle, refrigerants, evacuations, charging systems, and domestic systems. The EPA Section 608 certification test is administered at the end of this term.

HV103 – Air Conditioning:

10 weeks – 11 Quarter Credit Hours
Providing a comfortable environment in hot weather is another job of the HVAC/R technician.  During this term, the focus will be on indoor air comfort, psychometrics, and the refrigeration cycle.  Also, installation, controls, typical operating conditions, troubleshooting, maintenance, air-to-air heat-pumps and geothermal heat-pumps will be covered.

HV104 – Heating:

10 weeks – 11 Quarter Credit Hours
People expect to be comfortable in cold weather and it is the job of the HVAC/R technician to install, maintain, and service heating equipment.  This term provides the theory and hand-on lab projects to help understand the different types of heating units, (gas, oil, electric, heat pumps, etc.) and the functions, maintenance, and repair of each type of system.

HV105 – Residential and Light Commercial Installation:

10 weeks – 11 Quarter Credit Hours
Many contractors specialize in installation of heating and air conditioning units.  This term provides theory and hands-on lab projects to give students the fundamental skills necessary to be an HVAC installer.  The focus is on load calculations, flue pipe and gas line sizing, sheet metal fabrication, installation and start-up procedures of HVAC equipment, as well as the operation and installation of indoor air quality products.

HV106 – Boilers and Piping:

10 weeks – 11 Quarter Credit Hours 
Boiler systems are a prominent heat source in almost every region in the United States.  Technicians install and maintain residential and light commercial hydronic systems.  This term provides the theory and hands-on projects necessary to expose the student to common practices in the area of boilers and piping.  The focus is on the boiler’s main components, circulation pumps, system design, terminal units, pipe sizing, sizing fittings, system friction, sizing the circulator pump, accessories, controls, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting.

HV201 – Residential Energy Management Systems:

10 weeks – 8 Quarter Credit Hours
This course provides an introduction to air conditioning theory and hands-on projects to create an understanding of residential energy management systems.  This course will cover zoning, mini-splits, high velocity systems and energy saving thermostats with an emphasis on mechanical codes.

HV202 – Geothermal & Air Heat Pump & Controls:

10 weeks – 8 Quarter Credit Hours
This course provides application settings of air conditioning theory and hands-on projects to create an understanding of geothermal/air source heat pumps and controls.  This course will cover heat pump theory and application, controls and troubleshooting.

HV203 – Advanced Troubleshooting:

10 weeks – 8 Quarter Credit Hours
During this course the students are engaged in air conditioning theory and hands-on projects to create an understanding of advanced troubleshooting.  This course will cover reading and understanding schematics, troubleshooting of controls and loads, troubleshooting refrigerant and air flow and alternative water heating. 

AGE201 – Technical Writing

10 weeks – 4.5 Quarter Credit Hours
Students will develop written communication skills.  This course will cover the principles of communication, understanding the writing process, sentence structure, paragraph development, essay organization, and critical thinking that can be used in everyday occupational setting and environment.

AGE202 – Oral Communication:

10 weeks – 4.5 Quarter Credit Hours
Students will learn communication skills needed when talking with one person, in a group, or in front of an audience.  This course will cover the communication process, perception, language, active listening, and non-verbal messages.  The student will learn to plan, research, organize and deliver effective presentations.

AGE203 – Customer Service:

10 weeks – 4.5 Quarter Credit Hours
Students will learn customer service skills that are essential in all types of organizations and businesses.  This course will cover materials and information that become valuable while dealing with problems and complaints and help work out problem resolutions to exceed customer expectations and enhance satisfaction.


*The school reserves the right to alter the scope and sequence of the program at any time.

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